Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for teachers?

At least one teacher in each class has a Bachelor’s degree. Some teachers have a Master’s degree. All teachers have a minimum of an AA degree in early childhood education or sufficient college credits plus an exceptional work history in childhood education. All teachers have a teaching certificate and undergo a rigorous screening process.  All staff are credentialed by MSDE.

What ages does your program accept?

Children ages 2 years through 4 years by September 1st may enroll.

Do children have to be potty-trained?

No. Children who are not yet developmentally able to use the toilet alone are welcome. We promise to encourage and nurture your child at his/her pace to strive toward this important milestone.

What is the teacher/child ratio in the classroom?

2 year olds: 3 teachers/12 children (1 class)
3 year olds: 3 teachers/14 children (2 classes)
4 year olds: 2 teachers/15 children (2 classes)

Does the WEE Center provide lunches or snacks?

Children bring their own lunches; snacks are provided by The WEE Center.

When is The WEE Center Open?

The WEE Center school year begins the Tuesday following Labor Day and ends in mid-June. Classroom hours are 9:00a – 2:30p. Extended hours are available between 7:30am – 9am* and 2:30pm – 5:30pm* (*additional fee). Children may be enrolled for extended day care on a regular basis at the time of registration or on an as needed basis, if there are any openings. Working parent discount packages are available.

The WEE Center follows the Baltimore County School schedule for emergency situations and inclement weather. Please refer to The WEE Center calendar for more information on closings specific to The WEE Center.

What is the discipline policy?

We make every effort to reduce the opportunity for negative behaviors; however, on the occasion that discipline is necessary, we believe in using logical/natural consequences, redirection and encouragement of appropriate behaviors to gently and lovingly guide children in ultimately becoming self-disciplined.

Do you teach religion to the children?

The WEE Center teaches children Christian values by example, Bible stories and songs. We communicate information about God, Jesus, church, nature, family, self and others through special activities and general conversation in the course of the day.

How are parents kept informed about what is going on in the school and the classroom?

Parents receive a daily sheet (WEE Note) describing the activities and curriculum themes of your child’s day and a monthly newsletter containing Center-wide news is emailed to everyone. Individual parent-teacher conferences are scheduled twice a year; more often if a special need arises.

Are parents permitted to get involved at The WEE Center?

Parents are our most valuable resource! We welcome your interest and desire to be involved with us, appreciate your help and support ANY TIME and may occasionally call on you to assist with parties, field trips, fundraisers and class projects. We maintain an “open door” policy for parents and hope you will feel welcome to stop by and participate in your child’s day. We are interested in your child and you!

When is registration?

Registration opens each year in mid-January to currently enrolled students and WBC members. In late-January, registration is open to the public. Registrations are entered sequentially and spaces are very limited. Current families are strongly encouraged to register on the first day of registration. Please contact The WEE Center for availability.

What are the fees?

There is an annual registration fee of $100 per family. We offer a 10% sibling tuition discount.
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