The WEE Center encourages the healthy growth of the whole child.”


The WEE Center is a ministry of the Christian Education program at Woodbrook Baptist Church that welcomes children of all cultural and learning abilities.  The WEE Center encourages the healthy growth of the whole child, through developmentally appropriate activities and experiences, in a warm and nurturing environment.  Children are offered opportunities to chose their own work/play activities and to be a part of the larger group for teacher-directed activities; to learn to solve problems and to make decisions; to learn to resolve conflict peaceably; to gain a positive regard for themselves and others; and to hear about God as One who creates and One who loves children.

The WEE Center believes that a strong partnership between teachers and families is vital for a child’s successful growth and development.  We encourage strong communication between teachers and families concerning their child’s individual development and needs.  The purpose of the WEE Center is to extend the ministry and mission of the Church by providing care, education, and development opportunities for each child enrolled and teacher employed at the WEE Center to reach his/her greatest potential, and by providing a program of ministry and outreach to the families of the children enrolled.

The WEE Center adopts a whole child approach to learning.  We use age appropriate practices to help our children grow and develop in all areas: social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual.