The WEE Center was voted “BEST DAYCARE” in the Baltimore’s Child 2019 Readers’ Choice Award Contest!

Voted the BEST PRESCHOOL in the Baltimore’s Child 2017 Readers’ Choice Award Contest!

Voted “BEST PRESCHOOL IN BALTIMORE COUNTY” by the Readers of Maryland Family Magazine: Readers Choice 2014

Over the years I have observed how you welcome and nurture children and their families and have always felt honored to work with the WEE School.  This year in particular, I have been touched by the compassion, thoughtfulness, and dedication that you have shown the children and families with whom you work.  Thank you for all that you do to serve, educate, and empower the children and families of our community!” -Kendall Patterson, LGPC, Kennedy Krieger Institute

“WEE School is the Ivy League of early education! The teachers are devoted to the children which allows your child to easily reach his or her full potential.  All of the students are instilled with a love and respect for everyone and everything in the world around them.  My son graduated from WEE with all of the skills necessary to attend kindergarten.  Now my daughter is in her second year and has had such a great experience she would like to go to school every day.  I feel that I could not have chosen a better preschool for my children”.  -Pre-K and 3 Year Old Parent

“Some feel preschool is a place one drops off their children for supervised play and art.  We agree that is part of it, but its greater purpose is to become an environment which nurtures ones’ child’s mind, soul, and talents.  It helps to guide them towards a life as a unique, responsible individual.  The WEE Center provides all of that.  It has all of the typical qualities of a preschool, but so ,much more.  We have been so impressed with the school from the beginning and look forward to the years ahead with our sons.  The WEE teachers are fun, compassionate, and loving and hold degrees higher than 90 hours.  The ratio of staff to child is excellent.  This allows the children to reach their greatest potential.  We have been very impressed with the WEE Centers communication chain.  The daily classroom notes are invaluable, especially since our 3 year old cannot account for his entire day.  The thorough evaluation of each child is impressive.  We were shocked with the information we received at the parent conferences.  Numerous times we have asked for advice or help in toddler-parenting dilemmas.  The teachers have been more than responsive to the ‘families and their needs’.  We cannot say enough good things about the school.  The greatest compliment from our family is that our once shy, mommy centered child looks forward to school!  He ran to the doors on day one and hasn’t turned back yet!” -3 Year Old Parent 

“Thank you so much WEE School staff-teachers and administrators.  Without you, WEE School classes of 2017 and before would not have had the great early start to grade school I know that so many of them are enjoying.  You do amazing work! And we are grateful!” -Pre-K Parent

“We have been so grateful for our experience at Woodbrook. We toured many preschools in the area and felt that none were a great fit. While our child is capable of being in a general education environment, we have some special needs. Other preschools made us feel like they could “deal” with our child but from the beginning Woodbrook made us feel like they genuinely wanted to have our child join their community and were confident in their ability to work with us.
Our experience has been fantastic. We can’t say enough great things about the staff and our child’s amazing teachers. They have truly gone above and beyond to work with us in addressing our child’s needs. They have by helped us connect with outside resources from the county and have implemented recommended strategies for increasing our child’s success at school. They have even have been a critical part of our IEP process, advocating for our child and instilling a confidence that we will be well-prepared for Kindergarten.  Due to several work-related moves, we’ve experienced three preschools. Woodbrook is by far the best and is the only place where our child has really flourished. It’s also the only place where our child has been happy and excited to go to school every day. It’s no doubt due to the commitment of the wonderful teachers and staff at Woodbrook. It’s clear that they love their jobs and are incredibly invested in the development of the students.”
—Pre-K Parent

“Choosing WEE school for our children’s education was an easy decision for my husband and I, as my Mother and Aunt both teach at the pre-school. We have seen first hand the effort and love that the teachers put into preparing to impact the lives of young children every day. It is amazing to see how much our son and daughter grow and learn each day they attend. We can see the growth they have made socially and intellectually over the past two years. Having my daughter come home and teach us a new sign language word or an interesting bit of information regarding art history; or having my son come home and repeat an activity he learned at school and seeing the new confidence he carries himself with is proof that we made the right choice. Our children enjoy learning new Bible stories, and attending art, movement, and science each week. All the staff manifest the same care for the children that we knew we would receive from our own family. We look forward to sending our third child there in two years!”
—Jill and Ben W.

“We love the Wee School and can’t possibly express in just a few words how fabulous it is! Our older son was very shy in his former preschool but when he transferred to the 4 year old program at Wee, he blossomed into a social butterfly with the staff’s love and support. His teachers were so nurturing and the environment was so accepting, that he gained a true love of learning which prepared him for great success in kindergarten. Our twins began the 2 year old program this year and have had a wonderful experience as well. They had no problem transitioning to school for the first time. They are so excited to arrive at school to see their teachers, they run through the door and don’t even look back to say goodbye! A definite sign of two more boys loving to learn. All three of our boys have been provided a solid foundation at Wee that prepares them for a lifetime of learning. The Wee staff not only provides the students with opportunities for growth, but considers the entire family, by offering parents classes and social events to help cope with the ‘stressess’ of life. The entire Wee staff has always been so welcoming of our nontraditional family that we know this is the place for everyone! WEE is awesome!”
—Caren and Alissa

“When we decided to find a preschool for our 2 year old, we focused on trying to find a home away from home. We wanted a place where his teachers would nurture & care for him like family. We looked for an academic environment where his learning would be both creative & challenging; and the ideal preschool would also support our son’s need to interact with other kids as well as the outdoors regularly. We desired a preschool that would give any child a well-balanced start in the crucial early years of his/her growth and development. With all those requirements in mind, we have been exceptionally pleased with our experience at the WEE preschool. It truly is home away from home, not just for children, but for parents as well. The WEE preschool staff does a wonderful job of stimulating and engaging the needs of all children in their care. The mixture of play and education provides a fun stimulating environment that makes our son excited to go back to school every day.”
—Kylie and Roy D.

“I visited almost every local preschool searching for the right fit for our family. I wanted a school environment that was welcoming, academically centered, and most of all felt like family. WEE is all of this and more. The cheerful, nurturing, teachers and staff are some of the most talented people I have ever met. They are patient and loving with every child and always approachable to parents. Our daughter’s day is filled with music, stories, art projects, science adventures, plenty of free play, and most importantly her “Red Room friends.” My heart fills with joy daily when I see the beaming smile on her face as she runs up to the door of WEE. I couldn’t ask for more!”
—Christine B.

“Enrolling our son in the 2’s program at The Wee Center has been a blessing to our family. We have seen him grow and learn so much this year in an environment that is positive and loving. Throughout his day real learning is happening through play and the teachers are focused on helping him reach important developmental milestones. Each day we read the daily activities and are amazed at what he is exposed to both academically and socially. We look forward to next year in the 3’s!”
—Emily R.

“I am the proud mom of three WEE graduates and one current WEE student. The older three could read upon entering Kindergarten and the youngest is well on her way. Sometimes my children learn things I didn’t even know (and I have two college degrees!). They learn through hands-on activities and team cooperation, they learn respect for all living things and how to be a constructive part of a community. They also learn confidence, independence and critical thinking skills. I especially love the dedicated art, gym and music classes! I absolutely adore the staff and am so fortunate that my family has been a part of this school.”
—Karen R.

“We are so glad we sent our son to The WEE Center, we were very impressed on all levels! The teachers are fantastic with their energetic and loving care for the children. The curriculum is top-notch, the art and music lessons are great and the playground area is so much fun for the kids! We highly recommend The WEE Center to every family.”
—Wendy M.

“From the very start, I knew that my son would be well cared for in every way. The teachers are so loving and experienced. The education my children received was extremely thoughtful and well-rounded — from math, pre-reading and writing and science to music, art appreciation, and physical education. It is all taught in a spirit of fun and adventure. And it is all taught in the context of God’s love.”
—Alycia N.

“The WEE Center is a wonderful place where there is love and nurturing all in a safe environment. It is not just a school to Peter, it is a second home. At the beginning of the school year, he was very shy and attached to us, it didn’t take him more than couple of days to warm up to his new friends and teachers. During the year, we observed our son developed independence, confidence and better social skills. He loves going to school every morning to meet his teachers and friends. The WEE caregivers are moms AND teachers and they care for our children not because it is their job but because they know how important these children are to us all, which caught our attention from day one. I really could not find a better place!”
—Eman B.

“The WEE Center is very truly one of my favorite places. I first heard about WEE when we were planning our move to Baltimore three years ago. It was described to me as “a great school for active boys.” After three children at WEE, I understand that statement to be true but it’s also much deeper than that. As a mother to three active boys (and one sweet but busy baby girl), I have experienced the anxiety and strife that a parent feels when their child is treated as a problem, judged, or simply not seen and accepted just as they are. From the first day of school until the last, it is made known that, at WEE, each child is valued, appreciated, and challenged in such a way that their very best is brought to the surface. The teachers and the staff at WEE are the epitome of professionalism, and they possess some serious teacher knowledge and teacher wisdom. It was obvious to me form the beginning, that these ladies are “called” to do this. So the question could be – what has been the end result? Well so far, I have had two little guys graduate from WEE with greater confidence in themselves, both academically and socially, and with all the knowledge they needed to be successful in kindergarten. I remember at my first child’s kindergarten assessment the spring prior to kindergarten, the teacher assessing him remarked that she was glad there was at least one thing he didn’t know yet (reading color words) because they needed something to teach him in Kindergarten. He breezed through. It was wonderful! WEE has exhibited a fervency about education that shows in their creative lesson plans and diligent approach. They are serious about what they do, but the overriding principle that never falls to the wayside is L-O-V-E love. They love their work, and they love these kids.”
—Emily D.