Typical Day

  1. Arrival
  2. Activity Centers
  3. Group Time
  4. Snack Time
  5. Free Play (outdoor and/or indoor)
  6. Lunch
  7. Story Time
  8. Rest Time
  9. Free Play (outdoor and/or indoor)
  1. Arrival: Your child is greeted personally at his/her classroom door every morning upon arrival.
  2. Activity Centers: Education through hands-on, sensory/auditory/tactile activity stations such as painting, building blocks and construction, books, home living, science and nature, music and movement, sensory table, puzzles and language arts, technology, writing and other manipulative play.
  3. Group Time: Learning real-world community interaction through storytelling, songs, finger plays, games and conversations devoted to a weekly unit theme, such as seasons, animals, machines, friends, community helpers, and weather.
  4. Snack Time: Provided by The WEE Center, healthy snacks are offered daily around 10am; menus are posted by the classroom entrance.
  5. Free Play:
    • Outdoor: 2 separated age-appropriate areas with play structures, sandbox, spring horses and riding toys.
    • Indoor: Tumbling mats, rings, parachute play, as well as other activities.
  6. Lunch: A nutritious lunch brought from home and made with love.
  7. Story time: Age-appropriate books that teach cause and effect, prediction and outcome as well as sequence of events develops critical-thinking skills.
  8. Rest time: Children either nap or rest quietly with a pillow, blanket and lovey from home.
  9. Free Play: Additional supervised playtime to nurture social skills building, community engagement with peers, and improve gross motor skills.

The WEE Center also offers children an opportunity to explore their world through:

    • Dedicated Science, Music, and Movement Sessions:
      • Once a week Ms Dawn transforms the children into scientists with experiments, games, stories, and engaging demonstrations.  Ms Dawn studied at Towson University.
      • Ms Claire exposes the children to instruments, patriotic songs, holiday songs, and moving their bodies to the music in weekly music classes.  Ms Claire studied Early Childhood/Elementary Education at Towson University.
      • Twice a week, Ms Jenyfer engages the children in fitness activities such as stretching/yoga, team-building, space awareness, cooperative learning. Ms Jenyfer graduated from Goucher College.
    • Entertaining Assemblies: Special performances by local magicians, animal specialists, and musicians offer the children an opportunity to learn while being entertained.

Educational Field Trips: In preparation for Kindergarten, the 4s go on several interesting and exciting field trips. Some places we have been:

    • Pumpkin picking at a local farm
    • Maryland Zoo in Baltimore
    • Public Works Museum
    • Nature Center at Oregon Ridge
    • Performances at Goucher College and the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.

Promoting Respect: 3s and 4s participate in a weekly “Show and Tell” that encourages speaking to a group, asking and answering questions and using active listening.

Advocating Literacy: The WEE Center has an extensive, on-site preschool library that the 4s visit weekly to check-out books. We also have parenting books for families interested in borrowing from our collection.